3 Ways Same-Day Crowns Improve Your Smile

Getting a dental crown in Westport, MA or Seekonk, MA has never been easier. Perfect Smiles has invested in new technology to make getting a crown faster, more convenient, and even pleasant. So, instead of spending a few visits at the dentist, we can provide same-day crowns in about two hours.

A crown restores a tooth that has had a deep cavity, root canal, or major cosmetic problem. We’re even using crowns to restore dental implants. The typical crown process takes at least two visits; ours takes one.

Same-day crowns can:

  • Save you time
  • Save you money
  • Blend in perfectly with your smile
  • Last for years, if not decades

Today we want to share three reasons you should restore your teeth with our same-day crowns.

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1. Save Yourself Some Time

Dental patients want to get in and out of the dental office as quickly as possible. We’re not offended. We want to offer convenience, and that’s why we use same-day crowns. Most dental offices require that you visit the dentist at least twice for your crown. On the first visit, they’ll prepare the tooth, take an impression, and design and place a temporary crown. Next you’ll come back for your final crown.

At Perfect Smiles, you won’t need to wear a temporary restoration. This is significant because temporary crowns are not as lifelike or functional as final crowns.

2. Get Perfect Digital Impressions

The perfect restoration depends on the perfect impression. We have to measure the tooth that’s being restored and match the crown with your tooth and your bite. We use digital impressions to get exact measurements for your new crown. This takes out all of the guesswork and eliminates the need for goopy impression material, which can taste awful and trigger a gag reflex.

You need the most precise impression to give you the most precise crown. A crown that is too big or too small or doesn’t match your bite can be uncomfortable and have a short life span.

With our same-day crowns, we can guarantee that you’ll leave the office with a crown that fits extremely well.

3. You’ll Have a Strong, Natural-looking Crown

Our same-day crowns are made from high-grade ceramic. Some crowns use a metal base, but our same-day crowns are designed from a single chunk of ceramic material. In fact, we have a special in-house milling machine that designs your crown right in the office. Because the crown is made from a solid chunk, it’s strong and extremely durable. And, as is the case with metal-based crowns, you won’t have a gray line appear at your gum line.

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