CT Machine & Technology At Perfect Smiles!

Innovative technology has transformed dentistry, providing advanced equipment to better assist dental professionals.  At Perfect Smiles, we pride ourselves on staying up to date on new technological advances and integrating them into our practice to enhance our patients’ experiences. One useful form of technology we have added to our practice is the computed tomography, most commonly known as the CT scan.

Planning dental implant procedures has become easier and more precise thanks to this advanced form of digital technology. This simple, non-invasive scan uses a 3-D image that shows bone thickness, bone and teeth configuration, tissue, and nerves clearly without distortion.

Dr. Madhuri Patel has been working with the CT scan over the course of her two years with Perfect Smiles and says it isn’t exclusive to patients who need implants. The CT scan also examines the mouth’s pathology, which can identify serious health issues.

At Perfect Smiles, patients are able to get a complimentary CT-scan in our office in Seekonk, MA. Patients in our Westport, MA office also have access to our CT-scan to get an accurate examination of potential dental issues occurring in their mouth.

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