Dramatic Smile Changes Are Simple With Dental Veneers [BLOG]

Change is a good thing, but oftentimes, taking the first step toward making a change is the tough part.

Starting a new diet and exercise routine isn’t easy, for example, but you put in the hard work because you know that eventually, days, weeks, or even months from now, it will all pay off.

But there are ways to change your appearance for the better, even dramatically, that are surprisingly fast and simple, with little effort required of you!

It’s our team at Perfect Smiles who does the hard work!

We can create customized dental veneers that render dramatic results for your smile with, believe it or not, none of the drama that change often creates.

Fixing A Flawed Smile Can Be Simple!

Unlike some dental treatments that result in radical positive changes to your smile, creating dental veneers is a surprisingly simple process. They can be made of several different materials, traditionally porcelain, that replicate the natural look of real tooth enamel, and are firmly bonded over imperfect teeth.

If a consultation reveals this cosmetic procedure is appropriate for you, we’ll take dental impressions of your teeth and work together to create a vision for your new smile. We use the impressions as a basis for the precise shape and size of your custom veneers that are crafted at our partner lab.

Once they’re ready, you’ll return to have your veneers expertly placed over your flawed teeth and leave the office with a stunning new smile!

With Dental Veneers, The Changes Are Dramatic!

You’re going to look amazing after your custom dental veneers are placed! That’s no surprise, but let’s take a closer look at some of the dramatic changes you’ll see in your new smile!

*A Radiant Smile That Lasts*

Teeth whitening treatment is a very simple, effective way to brighten your smile, but some stains are too stubborn for it to truly work well.

Plus, it’s the sort of treatment you have to repeat every now and then to maintain your whiter smile.

Veneers don’t just instantly brighten your smile, but because they’re stain resistant, you’ll have a radiant smile that lasts!

*A “Straight” Smile Without Braces*

Over the years, your teeth are going to keep shifting out of position. That means at a certain point, you might notice tiny gaps between your teeth that weren’t there before.

You may even have some teeth that are slightly crooked, but you weren’t lucky enough to wear braces when you were younger.

Dental veneers can fix that! Since they fit over your imperfect teeth, you will look like you just finished wearing braces because all your teeth will be nicely aligned and (seemingly!) straight.

*Dental Damage That Disappears*

Although tooth enamel is the strongest substance in your body, it’s not impenetrable. From blunt force injuries to simple wear and tear, your enamel can become damaged, leaving unsightly nicks, chips, cracks, and worn edges behind.

Yes, dental veneers mirror the thin translucent quality of natural enamel, but they’re incredibly strong and durable, which means once they’re bonded to your damaged teeth, any surface flaws are safe from getting worse in the future.

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One of the most remarkable trademarks of dental veneers is how quickly your smile can change with just this one procedure. You can hide several dental flaws simultaneously without extensive, invasive treatments and come away with a dramatically improved smile that lasts for decades!

To find out if dental veneers are right for you, call Perfect Smiles in Westport, MA (508-252-0909) or Seekonk, MA (508-252-8627) or fill out our online form to schedule a free consultation.

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