How You Can Win The Fight Against Gum Disease! [BLOG]

To truly raise awareness about gum disease, our team at Perfect Smiles in Seekonk, WA wants you to know the importance of vigilance every day when it comes to what’s going on inside your mouth and what to do when you spot any signs of this insidious infection.

How You Can Win The Fight Against Gum Disease!

As promised, we’re always here to help you fight against gum disease with these dental tips!

*Prevent It Proactively*

Ideally, you can prevent gum disease from the start with a proactive approach to your dental care.

That involves daily brushing and flossing, a healthy lifestyle, and routine dental cleanings and exams.

The last part is critical, since a trained hygienist is the only one who has the tools and training to remove hard plaque and tartar buildup from your mouth, the easy way to let harmful bacteria otherwise spread!

It’s also at your routine checkups where we’ll examine your mouth for any signs of trouble using the latest methods of early detection, since untreated gum disease is the leading cause of tooth loss and can only be reversed if caught early enough.

*Catch It Early*

You can’t spot gum disease if you don’t know what to look for. That’s how sneaky this infection can be! It can begin slowly and advance rather quietly to the untrained eye.

But, once you’re aware of the signs and changes to look for inside your mouth, you’ll have a better chance to catch gum disease in its early stage so we can treat it right away.

Typically, here are some of the more common signs of gum disease you’ll want to look out for:


*Gums that bleed

*Gums that pull away from your teeth

*Gums that are red, swollen, or sore

*Persistent bad breath

*A shifting bite or loose teeth


If you spot any of these symptoms, visit us right away for fast, effective gum disease therapy. It could save your teeth, and ultimately, your health!

*Treat It Effectively*

More than brushing and flossing at home, and even more than a professional dental cleaning, removing hardened tartar, or calculus, from your teeth and gums takes special treatment.

With scaling and root planing, our hygienists clean deeply underneath and around your gumline to get rid of the infection and any harmful bacteria residing there to keep it from spreading.

This nonsurgical gum disease treatment is the first step back from the early stages of this potentially dangerous health problem. We’ll likely need to see you more often than six month intervals that you’re used to, maybe every 3-4 months, just until we’ve managed to get your gum disease under control.

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There is power in numbers, so count us among the many people on your team in the fight against gum disease! We’re here to provide thorough dental cleanings and exams, advanced early detection, and effective gum disease treatment to protect your smile.

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