Make Your Smile Merry & Bright With Cosmetic Dentistry! [BLOG]

You deserve a smile you can feel proud of, one that makes you look and feel great all year long.

If Santa didn’t bring you everything you asked for this year, then put matters into your own hands!

Make Your Smile Merry & Bright With Cosmetic Dentistry!

Visit Perfect Smiles for cosmetic dentistry and have the gorgeous smile you’ve always wanted for years worth of holiday celebrations!

Here are just a few of the many ways we can improve your smile:

*Get Whiter, Brighter Teeth*

If it’s a whiter, brighter smile you want, the only place to get it is at the dentist office.

Those store-bought teeth whitening kits may seem cheap and convenient, but they aren’t up to the challenge of lifting years of hard, deep stains from your teeth.

As we all know, cheaper isn’t always better.

Our professional teeth whitening system will give you safe, reliable results, and the best part is you get to choose your treatment, whether it’s here in our office or a customized, prescription-strength kit you take home with you.

You can’t get easier or more convenient than that!

But there’s another way to brighten up your smile for much longer, and that’s with dental veneers!

With veneers, you don’t just get white teeth, but flawless teeth, where unsightly cracks and chips, as well as misshapen or slightly crooked teeth, are all hidden away by these porcelain shells.

Veneers give your smile a radiance that’s second-to-none!

*Shape, Sparkle, & Shine*

Over the years, it’s not just the shade of your teeth that change.

It’s also the shape, the surface, the edges, even the position.

You can cover and smooth out surface damage with tooth bonding, which uses a composite resin to fill in the dips, dents, cracks, chips, or gaps. The flaws are hidden, and your teeth are shaped and polished for a renewed sparkle.

You can also have one of our trained dentists sculpt rough, worn edges of your enamel with tooth contouring, a gentle reshaping of your teeth to even them out and improve the appearance of your smile.

*Perfect Placement*

You carefully hang every ornament so the tree is trimmed to perfection because you understand that placement is everything.

In a similar way, how your teeth are positioned has a big impact on your smile. We can provide clear, short-term orthodontics that will move your crooked, unevenly-spaced teeth into the perfect position for a straight, beautiful smile!

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You don’t have to spend the holidays next year feeling ashamed of your dental flaws.

You can celebrate with a beautiful smile that’s merry and bright for many holiday seasons to come by visiting Perfect Smiles for cosmetic dentistry!

To learn more about our cosmetic treatment options, or to book your consultation, call us in Westport, MA (508-252-0909) or Seekonk, MA (401-406-4014) or contact us online.

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