Tips To Ensure Your Children’s Dental Health [BLOG]

Our team at Perfect Smiles knows how tough parents have it these days.

Youth sports and other extracurricular activities are a year-round endeavor, and the pressure on kids to achieve academic success seems to mount at younger and younger ages.

On top of that, you have to ensure your children’s dental health in a time when families are busier than ever!

We’re here to help in every way that we can by keeping you informed about how to protect your familly’s smiles in Seeknok, MA and Westport, MA!

Tips To Ensure Your Children’s Dental Health

We understand how overwhelming it can be for parents to protect the health and safety of their children, but with these helpful tips, you’ll have a strong foundation for building their healthy smiles for a lifetime!

*Teach Them About Technique & Time*

A great way to set your children up for smile success is to teach them early the importance of good oral hygiene.

Show them the proper techniques for brushing and flossing, and help them build strong habits along the way by modeling those behaviors, too.

Also, help them get used to brushing their teeth for two minutes each time so that by the time their adult teeth erupt, they’re already in the habit of following this ADA recommendation!

*Introduce Them To The Dentist Early*

One of the biggest, and most avoidable, roadblocks to good oral health among adults is dental anxiety. That’s why setting a positive tone for our youngest patients is so vital to their lifelong dental health!

We like to see patients early, in many cases as young as a year old, to make sure their dental development progresses under the watchful eye of our skilled team. That way, we’re able to catch the earliest signs of trouble such as tooth decay, cavities, teeth position, and bite problems.

You can also take advantage of preventive treatments throughout their childhood such as fluoride varnishes and dental sealants to keep their oral health on track.

*Prevent Problems With Orthodontic Intervention*

Along with routine cleanings and exams, you can also ensure your child’s dental health through orthodontic intervention.

When we take on young patients at an early age, we’re able to monitor their dental development closely and note any changes that indicate potential complications with their smiles.

To stay ahead of that, we sometimes intervene with treatments like expanders or space maintainers to ensure successful eruption of their permanent teeth.

What parents appreciate about this proactive approach to their child’s dental care is that it can save them time and money in future orthodontic costs, and it saves their child from complicated corrective procedures in the future.

Schedule Your Child’s First Visit!

We love meeting new patients and their families, especially the little ones! Our kid-friendly staff enjoys the opportunity to introduce children to the dentist office in a way that makes them feel safe and comfortable.

We want to create fun, positive experiences for children so they grow up feeling confident about dental care for the rest of their lives.

Our team looks forward to your child’s first visit at Perfect Smiles!

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