What You Should Know Before Your Oral Surgery [BLOG]

Before heading to your Westport, MA dentist office for oral surgery, whether it’s for a tooth extraction, wisdom teeth removal, bone or gum grafting, or a ridge augmentation in preparation for dental implants, our team at Perfect Smiles wants to give you some tips for maximizing healing and recovery.

What You Should Know Before Your Oral Surgery

Our dentists will give you specific post-op instructions, and it’s important that you follow them so you can lower the risk of any complications after your procedure.


But here are a few more things you should know before your oral surgery that could help you have a smoother, faster, more successful recovery.

*Stay Ahead Of The Pain & Swelling*

Don’t wait until you’re in pain to take the prescribed medications from the dentist. The trick is to stay ahead of it so they will be more effective. Take any medications as directed!


Also, have some cold packs ready in the freezer so you can manage any swelling. Even if you don’t see any visible swelling doesn’t mean there isn’t any. In fact, swelling is often a delayed response to healing, so you may not be swollen until a day or two after the oral surgery.


Hold a cold pack to your face near the surgical site in 20 minute increments, especially in the first 24-48 hours after your procedure.

*Make Sure Your Kitchen Is Well-Stocked*

After oral surgery, patients generally need to stick to bland, soft foods for the next several days.

Anything hard or spicy, as well as anything too hot or too cold, can irritate the surgical site and prolong healing.


To save yourself time, energy, and stress during recovery, you’ll want to make sure your kitchen is well-stocked with foods like:




*Mashed potatoes

*Soup or broth


*Mac and cheese


Exactly what you’ll be able to eat comfortably will vary from person to person, and according to the type of oral surgery you have, but overall, soft, lukewarm foods are best until you’re healed enough to resume your normal diet.

*Make Rest & Relaxation A Priority*

As with any surgical procedure, the recovery period will be easier and faster the younger you are. But regardless of your age, it’s better to give yourself more time than you think you’ll need to recover.


You don’t want to assume you’ll bounce right back after oral surgery in a day or two. So be sure you’re being realistic about how many days off of work or school that you’ll need, for example. It’s stressful to have to deal with an unexpected, longer absence that you weren’t prepared for. You can always get back to work sooner than you planned if you recover more quickly than you thought you would.


Another way you can make rest and relaxation a priority is to make any arrangements for childcare, errands, and other responsibilities ahead of time. Get all your ducks in a row by reaching out to family and friends for help so you can focus completely on healing.


Finally, set up a comfortable, cozy place in your home for a relaxing recovery. Have pillows, blankets, remotes, electronic devices and chargers, and anything else you might need to entertain yourself within reach so you can take it easy!

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Surgery of any kind is traumatic on the body, so it’s important to treat oral surgery the same as you would any other and plan ahead for a comfortable, successful recovery.

Simple steps you take before your dental surgery can go a long way in boosting your body’s natural healing powers and have you back to normal, with a healthier mouth, much sooner.

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