Crowns (Dental Caps)

Q: How Long Does a Crown Last?

A: How long a crown last relates primarily to both the degree of prior destruction and your daily maintenance. In our 40-year practice history, we have many crowns fabricated with older technologies still in great shape from those early years. There are also times where the degree of existing breakdown suggests that a crown will not last this long. Come and ask us about your specific question, and we will be able to provide a more accurate answer.

Q: What Are CEREC Same-Day Crowns?

A: The revolution in computer-guided diagnosis and treatment has made it possible in many situations to design and fabricate an entire crown and bond it in place directly, therefore restoring your fractured tooth in one visit. This saves you time and the inconvenience of additional visits, and it gets you back to the rest of your life immediately. While this technique is still not common in most practices, it can be a great help to busy individuals and those who want to minimize the number of trips to the dentist!

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