Put Your Dental Fear in Seekonk & Westport Behind You

If you have dental fear, you can put it behind you for good at Perfect Smiles. When you visit us in Seekonk, MA or Westport, MA, your experience is so comfortable and compassionate, you’ll never feel nervous about dental care again!

You’ll find:

  • Patient-friendly technology, like the air abrasion we use for no-drill fillings
  • Three kinds of safe dental sedation
  • Extended hours, so scheduling is stress-free and you can visit our office at non-busy times
  • A “comfort menu” so you can let us know how we can help you relax
  • Plenty of soothing amenities, like our chairs with heat and massage options
  • Comfort stations in our private care suites, where you can freshen up before you leave our office

To schedule your stress-free dental appointment, call one of our two locations: Seekonk (508-812-4130) or Westport (508-717-3780).

Choose From Three Kinds of Dental Sedation

Every situation is different. While you may feel anxious about any dental experience, a dental exam isn’t the same as a dental implant procedure. To ensure you get the right level of relaxation for your treatment, we offer three kinds of dental sedation:

  • Inhaled sedation, or “laughing gas,” which is administered through a small mask worn over your nose and gives you a feeling of light euphoria. It wears off quickly, so you can even drive yourself home after your appointment.
  • Oral sedation, which you take in the form of a prescription pill.
  • IV sedation, which is administered intravenously and puts you in a dreamlike state.

Technology Keeps Your Care Quick & Comfortable

We’ve invested in technologies that ensure your treatment is as comfortable as possible. We use:

  • Air abrasion, so you can get a dental filling without any drilling
  • Laser cavity detectors, so we can find cavities with less poking and prodding
  • CEREC, so you can get a dental crown in a single visit
  • Intraoral cameras, so we can more quickly and easily see into every part of your mouth

If you need local anesthesia, we use a topical numbing gel so you won’t feel anything. We’ll even offer you protective eye wear if your eyes are bothered by the light.

Get rid of your dental fear in Seekonk or Westport for good! Call Perfect Smiles at one of our two locations: Seekonk (508-812-4130) or Westport (508-717-3780).

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