Make Your Child’s First Dental Visit in Westport, MA Special

Your child’s first dental visit should be an enjoyable and educational experience – in that order. At Perfect Smiles, our Westport, MA dentists are here to provide your little ones with incredible oral care and relieve dental anxiety. Our office has helped countless children keep their mouths healthy and develop a positive attitude about visiting the dentist.

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Our young patients can expect:

  • Warm and friendly staff who make the treatments fun
  • Pain-free procedures without needles, including air abrasion that restores decayed teeth with minimal heat, pressure, sound, or vibration
  • TVs in every treatment room to keep them occupied (they can watch their favorite show at the dentist)
  • Special prizes after every visit

To schedule your child’s dental care, call 508-717-3780. Our office is located near the Westport Apothecary.

Advanced Preventive Dental Care for Your Children

At Perfect Smiles, our goal is to provide elite preventive treatment to minimize the need for dental treatments down the road. We see patients as young as 1 year old. This allows us to provide great care early and monitor the development of their teeth.

Once your child is a littler older, we’ll start with light dental cleanings and exams and preventive treatments like fluoride and dental sealants. Fluoride is clinically proven to reduce the risk of tooth decay and even restore damaged enamel. Dental sealants are thin layers of plastic that go directly over the biting surface to literally lock out harmful bacteria. If we do spot early signs of decay, we can erase the problem with minimally invasive air abrasion.

Education for You & Your Child

The best defense against tooth decay is a great preventive dental and at-home oral hygiene routine. Education is the key! Our talented staff spends time with every patient to make sure their at-home dental routine is ironclad. We have a knack for working with children and helping them understand the importance of a healthy smile. And parents, we encourage you to ask all the questions you want to ensure we develop the best dental plan for your child. Please check out additional information about kids’ oral health. We also believe that women can begin measures to keep their babies healthy by caring for their teeth during pregnancy! Read more about having a healthy pregnancy.

You can schedule your child’s first dental visit in Westport, MA by calling Perfect Smiles today at 508-717-3780.

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