Bone Grafts in Westport, MA Strengthen Your Jawbone

If you want dental implants, you’ll need a bone structure strong enough to support them. That may be a problem if you’ve lost a tooth and experienced bone loss in your jaw. Fortunately, our dentists can strengthen jaws with bone grafts.

A bone graft procedure in our Westport, MA dentist office will:

  • Be performed by a well-trained dental team with hands-on experience
  • Keep your face looking full by restoring your jaw’s natural shape
  • Strengthen the bone to give your implants a solid foundation
  • Be completely comfortable, and take place with sedation if you want it
  • Involve a dentist who knows your implant treatment plan

Getting a dental bone graft in our office will save you the time, hassle, and expense of visiting another doctor. To schedule your procedure or a consultation, call Perfect Smiles at 508-717-3780.

Getting a Bone Graft Procedure Is Simple

During a dental bone graft, we’ll apply a special material designed to encourage new growth in the area where you require more bone density. The body interacts with the material and creates new bone, possibly over a period of a few months. You’ll visit us during the process so we can check your progress.

Depending on how much bone you need, it may be possible for you to get your bone graft procedure and your implant during a single appointment. Your dentist will explain whether this is an option before your procedure begins, so you’ll know exactly what will happen.

After Your Dental Bone Graft, You Can Receive Implants

If you plan to get dental implants, you have lots of options at Perfect Smiles. Among your choices:

  • A dental implant and crown, for a single-tooth replacement
  • Dental implants and a bridge to replace multiple teeth
  • Full-mouth dental implants using dentures

Because of their training and experience, our dentists can even perform an All-on-4® procedure, giving you a full arch of replacement teeth using just four implants.

Wonder if you need bone grafts before getting implants? Call 508-717-3780 for a free consultation. Our Westport, MA office is at 302 Village Way, 02790.

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