Choose Strong & Subtle Tooth Fillings in Westport, MA

Even with great preventive care, many of us will deal with cavities in our lives. At Perfect Smiles, we use only the most durable and lifelike materials for our restorative dentistry, especially for our tooth fillings. Our Westport, MA dental office uses metal-free options that give you a natural and more attractive smile.

Our fillings have a number of advantages over old-school metal fillings:

  • Natural look – Our tooth-colored fillings match your natural teeth, giving you a balanced and beautiful smile.
  • Strengthens the tooth – Decay weakens the tooth, and that’s why we need fillings to repair their structure. Composite fillings are bonded to the tooth to keep it functional and reduce the risk of fractures.
  • Less invasive – A tooth-colored filling does not require us to remove as much as the enamel compared with metal fillings.

Let us restore your teeth with options you’ll be proud to show. Call Perfect Smiles today at 508-717-3780 to schedule your visit.

We Make Finding & Treating Cavities Simple

Perfect Smiles makes your visit to the dentist easy and pleasant, even if you need dental work. During your cleanings and exams, we use the latest digital technology to diagnose and treat dental issues. This includes a sophisticated laser that detects the slightest hint of tooth decay, as well as no-drill dentistry. If we spot cavities in the early stages, we can use air abrasion to restore your tooth without a shot or drill.

Here are a few more ways we can ensure your comfort:

  • Relieving dental anxiety with sedation dentistry options
  • TVs in every treatment room
  • Heated massage chairs
  • Tinted eyewear, neck pillows, and blankets

Tooth fillings in our Westport, MA dentist office are a simple procedure that will improve the appearance and function of your smile. Call 508-717-3780 to make an appointment.

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